[Cthulhu wars] The Million Favored Ones

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[Cthulhu wars] The Million Favored Ones

Message  CaptainLille le Ven 17 Juin - 8:57

La bonne rencontre,

La validation des derniers frais de port pour la seconde vague de Cthulhu wars est faite. Désormais, il n'y a plus qu'à attendre la livraison de tout cela :

  • 20 extra Battle Dice! Contains a set of 20 16mm battle dice.

  • Colour Out of Space Gate Pack: 8 plastic gates in each of the 8 playable faction colors. Special Colour out of Space rules turn these into a new gameplay expansion.

  • Cosmic Terrors Pack The Cosmic Terrors are neutral, particularly powerful Monsters. You seize control of one by spending your Doom points, and it remains loyal thereafter. The pack includes the gigantic Dhole, destroyer of worlds; the Great Race of Yith, with the power to seize men's minds; and the demonic Quachil Uttaus entity, Treader of the Dust.

  • Custom Dice Pack: All of the custom dice unlocked in the campaign for these abilities: Opener’s Dread Curse of Azathoth spellbook; Crawling Chaos’ Thousand Forms spellbook; Yellow Sign’s Desecration Ability; Black Goat’s Ghroth spellbook; Tcho-Tcho’s Ubbo Sathla combat rating die; Azathoth’s Awakening requirement die

  • Glow GOOs : 10 Glow in the Dark Great Old Ones (each Faction’s GOO, except for Cthulhu). Also contains 10 loyalty cards and their respective spellbooks (per each GOO).

  • Great Old Ones Pack 4: New for Onslaught Two is Great Old One Pack 4 - it includes Byatis, Nyogtha, and Tulzscha with complete rules for play. Byatis lures enemy cultists to their doom, while Tulszcha subverts the purpose of the Ritual track. Meanwhile, Nyogtha takes prisoners away to its lair.

  • Homebrew Faction + Collectibles '15: Neutral gray figures and printable PDFs to make your own playable faction! Plus the two collectible figures unlocked during the campaign: Insects from Shaggai, and the Satyr.

  • Howard Phillips Lovecraft Bust: This is perfect to replace the cardboard first player markers included with the core game, and jazz up your tabletop.

  • Library at Celaeno Map expansion: This has the new Library at Celaeno map expansion, with two new terrifying figures, silence tokens, and new Books that empower your factions.

  • Ramsey Campbell Horrors 1: We have permission from Mr. Campbell to use his creations this time around, and so we have two new packs to celebrate his contributions to the Lovecraft Mythos. In Pack 1, we have two Great Old Ones - Eihort and Gla'aki. Also included is a new Monster - the famous Insects from Shaggai. You get three hives for the Insects should you demand their loyalty, so the pack includes a total of 5 large figures in this pack.

  • Ramsey Campbell Horrors 2 :In this Pack we have the Great Old Ones Daoloth and Y'Golonac, plus the Satyr monsters - humans degenerated through contact with the Outside. This pack contains 5 figures - three Satyrs, and the two different Great Old Ones.

  • Tcho-Tchos Faction expansion: Add new depth to the game, with the unusual Tcho-Tcho tribe. Contains 6 specially-sculpted Cultists, 3 Tcho-Tcho high priests, 6 proto-shoggoths, and Ubbo Sathla, their Great Old One, plus everything you need to play this faction. ALSO includes the die-cut version of the faction card

  • Upgraded Ritual and Doom Tracks: Better cardstock for your ritual track & the 3-8 player doom tracks. Also includes new spellbooks & faction cards for certain minor balance adjustments.

Il n'y a pas à dire, l'organisation est bien différente celle de Cool mini or not.  Smile

Jusqu'à ce que les épées se croisent,

CaptainLille, vieille liche
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